Speed of Light

speed of lightTeenager Jeff loves the power of numbers and the world of mathematics.  His brother is in a Thai prison for drug smuggling.  His sister has secrets.  His obnoxious and domineering father gets involved in a phony property deal and loses just about everything.  And his mother is in denial.  After a severe storm, Jeff finds a mystical woman under a fallen gum tree on their lavish estate.  Most people think she is afflicted with dementia and lost.  She keeps appearing to Jeff – at the library, at the bus shelter, and more places.  She tells Jeff that she is a Dreamkeeper, a sort of guardian.  She offers disturbing insight into his life and challenges his thinking.  To Jeff, numerology and mathematics are the only truths he knows.  Numbers are pure and constant.  He calls it integer integrity.  Jeff is the glue that holds the family together in this drama that will appeal to boys.  Each chapter begins with some captivating mathematical fact.  An author’s note explains sources of mystical traditions and science facts. mjw
Title: Speed of Light
Author: Joy Cowley
: Gecko Press Ltd., Wellington, New Zealand
: 2014
Original Language
: English
: 978-1-877579-93-6
Paperback pages
: 205
Age range
: 12 up
: Fiction
Book setting
: Wellington, New Zealand
Author’s ethnicity
: New Zealander
Author’s residence
: New Zealand
: Families, Fraud, Mathematics, Mystery, Supernatural, Weather

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