In This Book


In This Book Book CoverI am in the poppy, said the bee. I am in the hair, said the barrette. Each page contains a simple, straightforward linocut with subjects of people, animals, food, places, and other everyday objects, each of which (or whom) declares its location. Although a coherent, flowing story is not present, this whimsical book offers a springboard for wondering, learning, dreaming, and storytelling. cc

Title: In This Book
Author: Fani Marceau
Illustrator: Joelle Jolivet
Publisher: Chronicle Books LLC.
Copyright: 2014
Original language: French
Translator: Chronicle Books
Original title: Dans le livre
Original publisher: helium, Paris
Original copyright: 2012
ISBN: 978-1-4521-2588-6
Hardcover pages: 64
Age range: 3-8
Genre: Picture book
Author’s ethnicity: French
Author’s residence: France
Illustrator’s ethnicity: French
Illustrator’s residence: France
Subjects: Animals, Families, Food, Sports

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