The Apple Tart Of Hope

The Apple Tart Of Hope Book CoverOscar Dunleavy, apple tart baker, is missing and presumed dead after taking his own life. Nobody seems suspicious of his disappearance except for Meg, his best friend, and Stevie, his little brother. Through interwoven narratives, we find out what truly happened to Oscar and what changed so drastically in his life that drove him to attempt suicide. Meg had moved from Ireland to New Zealand for six months, losing touch with Oscar. Oscar’s new neighbor, Paloma Killealy, moved into Meg’s house while she was away. A manipulative and pathological schemer, Paloma makes Oscar’s life miserable as she fakes a friendship with him all to allow her notion of “The Ratio,” to come to fruition. Meg and Stevie team up to determine what really happened to Oscar and learn about the power of never giving up hope. This sensational novel centers on the destruction of bullying and the power of true friendship. cc
Title: The Apple Tart Of Hope
Author: Sarah Moore Fitzgerald
Publisher: Orion Children’s Books, a division of Orion Publishing Group Ltd., London
Copyright: 2014
Original language: English
ISBN: 978-1-4440-0692-6
Hardcover pages: 199
Age range: 13 up
Genre: Fiction
Book setting: Ireland/New Zealand
Author’s ethnicity:  Irish
Author’s residence: Ireland
Subjects: Bullying, Deception, Disabilities, Families, Friends, Food, High school, Hope, Love

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