Big Red Lollipop

big red lollipopFirst-grader Rubina is new to birthday parties because her family is new to North America and she is elated because she has been invited to her first party. But her mother, her ami, insists that she take her little sister Sana. Even though no one else brings a younger sibling, the party is not so bad because they all get goodie bags filled with chocolates, candies, and a big red lollipop. Sana eats her big red lollipop right away, but Rubina saves hers for later. Next morning, Rubina discovers that Sana has helped herself to Rubina’s lollipop. Several years later, Sana gets invited to a party and when their mother insists that she take their youngest sister Maryam to the party, Rubina stands up for Sana and suggests that Sana be allowed to go alone. After the party, Sana gives Rubina her big green lollipop because “after that we’re friends.” This story about sibling rivalry and forgiveness is based on a true story and reminds readers that birthdays are not celebrated the same in every culture. The Arab American culture comes to life in the adorable ink and watercolor illustrations that use a variety of colors and East Indian patterns on clothes and the endpapers. The author performs the story on a YouTube video and offers a tutorial on her websitemjw
Title: Big Red Lollipop
Author: Rukhsana Khan
: Sophie Blackall
: Viking, Penguin Young Readers Group
: 2010
Original Language
: English 
: 978-0-670-06287-4
Hardcover pages
: 40
Age range
: 4-8
: Picture book
Book setting
: North America
Author’s ethnicity
: Pakistani
Author’s residence
: Canada
Illustrator’s ethnicity
: Australian
Illustrator’s residence
: U.S.
: 2011 Golden Kite Award, New York Public Library 100 Great Children’s Books in 100 Years selection
: Arab Americans, Birthdays, Pakistani Americans, Parties, Sibling rivalry, Sisters.

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