Fauja Singh Keeps Going: The True Story Of The Oldest Person To Ever Run A Marathon

This is the true story of Fauja Singh, the first one-hundred-year-old to run a marathon. He was born with legs that didn’t work in a Punjab village.  He could not play with his friends or walk to school, but that did not stop him. He worked on his family’s farm and grew stronger. Throughout his life he made his mind, body, and heart stronger. At age 81, he ran his first marathon. He has broken many records and became the first person over one hundred (centenarian) to complete a marathon. The beautiful and enlivening illustrations were created digitally using hand drawings and collage pieces. A forward written by Fauja Singh introduces the book.  Back matter includes a list of his world records and a photograph of him today. mjw
Title: Fauja Singh Keeps Going: The True Story Of The Oldest Person To Ever Run A MarathonHannah’s Winter
Author: Simran Jeet Singh
: Baljinder Kaur
: Kokila, an imprint of Penguin Random House. New York
: 2020
Original Language
: English
: 978-0-525555094
Hardcover pages
: 48
Age range
: 4-8
: Picture book, Biography
Book setting
: Punjab, India; England; New York City; Toronto
Author’s ethnicity
: Indian
Author’s residence
: New York
Illustrator’s residence
: England
: Biography, Centenarians, Marathons, Punjabi, Running, Sikh, Track and field

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