Somewhere Among

Somwhere AmongSet in 2001, eleven-year-old American-Japanese Ema has moved in with her grandparents in Tokyo because of her mother’s difficult pregnancy. Fitting in is difficult – she is a “foreigner.” In free verse, Ema describes her life and concerns. Her Papa is away at work too much. Obaachan (her grandmother) is stern and domineering. Jiichan (her grandfather) is sweet, but fragile. Japanese school is a challenge. And she worries about her soon-to-be Little Sister. The story is about connectedness, as Ema is stuck between two worlds and two cultures. Viewing the September 11, 2001 attacks on the Twin Towers from Japan is especially intriguing. The author’s very extensive website gives information about the history, holidays, anniversaries, and tragedies Japan and America share that are woven throughout the story. Also included are the author’s inspiration, photos, a story playlist, and peace education opportunities and programs. mjw
Title: Somewhere Among
Author: Annie Donwerth-Chikamatsu
: Atheneum Books for Young Readers
: 2016
Original Language
: English  
: 978-1-4814-3786-8
Hardcover pages
: 448
Age range
: 9-12
: Historical Fiction, Verse
Book setting
: Tokyo, Japan
Author’s ethnicity
: Japan
Author’s residence
: U.S.
: Asia, Asian-Americans, Belonging, Japan, Grandmothers, New baby, Novels in verse, Peace ,Pregnancy, Racially mixed people, September 11 Terrorist Attacks – 2001

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