The Opposite Zoo

9780553511277_grande.jpegAt night when the Zoo is closed to people, the monkey decides to explore. He sees many animal opposites such as a hairy lion and a bald hippo or a slow sloth and a fast cheetah. The monkey explores the whole zoo but the sun is rising. He needs to make it back to his cage before the zoo keepers return in the morning. This book will entertain young readers with brightly colored animals and their contrasting characteristics and teach an introductory lesson in opposites.   amo
Title: The Opposite Zoo
Author: Il Sung Na
: Il Sung Na
: Knopf
: 2016
Original Language
: English
Hardcover pages
: 24
Age range
: 2-5
: Picture Book
Author’s ethnicity
: South Korean
Author’s residence
: New Jersey
Illustrator’s ethnicity
: South Korean
Illustrator’s residence
: New Jersey
: Animals, Opposites,  Zoos

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