Emily Of New Moon

UnknownYoung orphan Emily Starr is raised by her aunts Elizabeth and Laura Murray and her cousin Jimmy at New Moon Farm on Prince Edward Island. Her dear friends are Ilse, Teddy, and Perry. Tomboy Ilse’s father ignores Ilse because of a terrible secret concerning her mother. Teddy is a gifted artist and Perry has the makings of a great politician. Emily doesn’t always get along with stern Aunt Elizabeth because she doesn’t understand Emily’s need to write. Emily is a wonderful heroine with a deep love for beauty in nature and art, a strong loyalty to her friends, a thirst for knowledge, and an impassioned dedication to her writing. Similar to the more famous Anne of Green Gables series, the Emily novels are Emily of New Moon (1923), Emily Climbs (1925), and Emily’s Quest (1927). Emily was the author’s favorite character. mjw
Title: Emily Of New Moon
Author: L.M. Montgomery (1874-1942)
: Virago Press, an imprint of Little, Brown Book Group, London
: 2013
Original Language
: English
Original Publisher
: McClellan and Stewart
Original Copyright
: 1923
: 978-1-84408-988-8
Paperback pages
: 416
Age range
: 8-12
: Fiction
Book setting
: Prince Edward Island, Canada
Author’s ethnicity
: Canadian
Author’s residence
: Lived on Prince Edward Island, Canada
: Aspiration, Child authors, Foster homes, Orphans, Romance

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