The Seven Voyages Of Sinbad The Sailor

51nQhxp25rL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_This classic tale is part of the collection of stories known as the Thousand and One Nights. Sindbad is a sailor who tells a porter of his seven voyages at sea. On each voyage Sindbad falls into trouble such as battling an island that turns into a whale, giant birds, and even cannibals. Through his voyages Sindbad must be clever in order to survive his misadventures and live to tell the tales. Sindbad has an unbroken spirit as he learns lessons during his travels. Readers will be enchanted by the intricately painted illustrations that show Sindbad’s failures and triumphs along the way.   amo
Title: The Seven Voyages Of Sinbad The Sailor
Author: SAID
: Rashin Kheiriyeh
: NorthSouth Books
: 2015
Original Language
: Turkish
: David Henry Wilson
: 978-0-7358-4240-3
Hardcover pages
: 64
Age range
: 4-8
: Folklore, Picture Book
Book setting
: Baghdad
Author’s ethnicity
: Iranian 
Author’s residence
: Germany
Illustrator’s ethnicity
: Iranian
Illustrator’s residence
: Washington D.C.
: Caves, Horses, Islands, Monkeys, Porter, Sailor, Treasure, Whales

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