The Three Musicians: A Children’s Book Inspired By Pablo Picasso

three musiciansThe Kingdom of Mirador is terrified of a monstrous beast, Fire-Mouth. No one but the king has actually seen it. He constantly warns the villagers, making them fearful and gloomy. One April morning, three strange musicians – Pierrot, Capuchin, and Harlequin – and their dog appear in the kingdom. They entertain the people and encourage them to sing, to dance, and to confront their fears. The king is not pleased and plots to put everything back in order. But the people see his trick. Based on Pablo Picasso’s Three Musicians, brightly hued watercolors, bold lines, and Mediterranean colors hint at Picasso’s style and cubism. Included are a reproduction of Picasso’s original painting (1921); a lesson on the artist’s ideas, style, and life; and suggested museums throughout the world where Picasso’s art can be seen. The book is one of Prestel’s “Pictures That Tell Stories: Art for Children” series. mjw
Title: The Three Musicians: A Children’s Book Inspired By Pablo Picasso
Author: Veronique Massenot
: Vanessa Hie
: Prestel, Verlag
: 2013
Original Language
: French
: Agathe Joly
Original Title
: Les Trois Musiciens
Original Publisher
: L’Elan vert, Paris
Original Copyright
: 2012
: 978-3-7913-7151-1
Hardcover pages
: 32
Age range
: 6-8
: Picture Book
Book setting
: Mirador
Author’s ethnicity
: French
Author’s residence
: France
Illustrator’s ethnicity
: French
Illustrator’s residence
: France
: Art, Cubism, Dogs, Music, Pablo Picasso (1881-1973)

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