Twenty-two Cents: Muhammad Yunus And The Village Bank

22 centsMuhammad Yunis grew up in India in the 1940s in a family that cared for and wanted to help others. He witnessed extreme poverty. He studied economics in America, and when he returned to his homeland (which became Bangladesh), as an economics professor, he founded Grameen Bank where people could borrow small amounts of money to start a job, and then pay back the bank without unfairly high interest charges. Over the next years, he was responsible for loaning more than 10 billion U.S. dollars in micro-credit, and empowering the poor, especially women, to break the cycle of poverty. Yunus would become renowned as the Banker to the Poor. Accurate and authentic soft chalk pastels enhance this true story. Back matter includes an Afterword with information on poverty in America, an update on Yunus’s life, and photos of him as a young Boy Scout and as a Nobel Prize laureate in 2006. Author’s Sources are also provided. mjw
Title: Twenty-two Cents: Muhammad Yunus And The Village Bank
Author: Paula Yoo
: Jamel Akib
: Lee & Low Books, New York
: 2014
Original Language
: English
: 978-1-60060-658-8
Hardcover pages
: 40
Age range
: 6-11
: Picture book, Biography
Book setting
: India and Bangladesh
Author’s ethnicity
: Korean-American
Author’s residence
: U.S.
Illustrator’s ethnicity
: English and Malaysian
Illustrator’s residence
: England
: 2015 South Asia Book Award, 2015 IRA Notable Books for a Global Society
: Bangladesh, Bankers, Economics, Economists, Generosity, Microcredit, Microfinance, Nobel Peace Prize 2006, Social activists, Social justice

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