The Bathing Costume Or The Worst Vacation Of My Life

The Bathing Costume or the Worst Vacation of my Life Book Cover Parisian eight-year-old Ronnie, short for Myron, visits his grandparents and rowdy older cousins in England, while his parents move apartments. It is his first vacation away from his mama. There is a competition to see who can shower the least, a wild bike ride without helmets, the family tradition of jumping off the ten-foot diving board, and the shame of having his bathing suit slip off in the pool. This touching, funny story of Ronnie’s growth from timid mama’s boy to confidence and independence is written in journal format with energetic, expressive watercolor images. mjw
Title: The Bathing Costume Or The Worst Vacation Of My Life
Author: Charlotte Moundlic
: Oliver Tallec
: Enchanted Lion Books
: 2013
Original language
: French
: Claudia Zoe Bedrick
Original title
: Le Slip de Bain ou les pires vacances de ma vie
Original publisher
: Flammarion
Original copyright
: 2011
: 978-1-59270-141-4
Hardcover pages
: 40
Age range
: 5-8
: Picture book
Book setting
: England
Author’s residence
: France
Illustrator’s residence
: France
: 2014 Mildred L. Batchelder Honor, 2014 USBBY Outstanding International Books List,  2013 White Raven Award
: Adventure, England, Europe, Grandparents, Holiday, Humor, New experience, Western Europe

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