Billie Templar’s War: For Queen. For Country. For Dad

Billie Templar's War Book CoverEleven-year-old outspoken and likeable Billie Templar lives in a military town called Merchant Stanton. Her dad is serving with the army in Afghanistan and Billie desperately wants him home so they can defend their four-year record of winning the three-legged race at the school carnival. She plans to ask the Queen to give him permission to return home, but getting to see the Queen is tougher than she thinks. With the help of sweet, crazy friends and old age pensioners, she stages a military tattoo to get the Queen to visit during the Jubilee celebrations. The story is heart-wrenching, hilarious, and has a feel-good surprise ending.mjw
Title: Billie Templar’s War: For Queen. For Country. For Dad.
Author: Ellie Irving
: Random House/Bodley Head Children’s Books
: 2012
Original language
: English
: 978-0-552-56360-4
Hardcover pages
: 368
Age range
: 8 up
: Contemporary Realistic Fiction
Author’s residence
: England
: 2013 James Reckitt Hull Children’s Book Award, 2013 Sheffield Children’s Book Award Nomination
: Bullying; Elizabeth II, Queen of Great Britain; England; Europe; Military family life; Western Europe

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