A Suitcase, A Cat, and A Tuba

A Suitcase A Cat and A Tuba Book Cover Lottie keeps her found treasures and secrets locked in a battered brown leather suitcase that was a gift from her grandfather.  Sometimes she wishes there was someone with whom she could share her secrets.  But the other children find Lottie odd and her suitcase ugly.  Leon, the boy next door, sits alone every day in his back garden playing his tuba to Mozart, his cat.  One day, the cat disappears and the music stops.  These two different children become friends.  Lovely drawings with old photos and collage support this delicate story of acceptance and understanding. mjw
Title: A Suitcase, A Cat, And A Tuba
Author: Judith Loske
: Judith Loske
: Minedition Michael Neugebauer Publishing Ltd.
: 2012
Original language
: German
: Michael Neugebauer Publishing Ltd
Original title
: Der Koffer, die Katze und die Tuba
Original copyright
: 2012
: 978-988-15953-4-8
Hardcover pages
: 32
Age range
: 5-9
: Picture book
Author’s residence
: Germany
: Acceptance, Cats, Europe, Germany, Music, Western Europe

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