A House Without Mirrors

A House Without Mirrors Book Cover Eleven-year-old Thomasine lives in her great-great Aunt Henrietta’s dusty, dark house with her father and her aunt, uncle, and cousins.  The relatives are all troubled in one way or another.  There are no mirrors in the house.  Except one night, the youngest cousin finds a wardrobe, filled with all the missing mirrors.  The mirror images reveal other sides of the old house and a mysterious young girl.  Twenty magical black and white illustrations enhance this moving ghost story. mjw
Title: A House Without Mirrors
Author: Marten Sanden
: Moa Schulman
: Pushkin Children’s Books
: 2013
Original language
: Swedish
: Karin Altenberg
Original title
: Ett hus utan speglar
Original publisher
: Rabén & Sjögen
Original copyright
: 2012
: 978-1782690078
Paperback pages
: 192
Age range
: 9-11
: Fiction
Author’s residence
: Sweden
Illustrator’s residence
: Sweden
: Europe, Ghost stories, Northern Europe, Sweden

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