Run, Little Chaski! An Inka Trail Adventure

Run Little Chaski

It is Little Chaski’s first day of delivering royal messages. He has to be strong, swift, and sharp. He gets his first mission from Queen Qoya. He is to take an important khipu (a knotted rope and thread recording system) to the King. He puts the khipu into his bag, called a ch’uspa. He runs off as fast as a puma. Along the way, he stops to help a chinchilla, a drowning allqu, and a trapped condor. When he finally gets to the temple and the King asks for the khipu, Little Chaski discovers that his ch’uspa is empty. But just then, his three grateful animal friends soar from the clouds and drop the message into Little Chaski’s hands. He is so relieved. The King tells him that his adventure was a test and since he was so kind along the way, he is now an official messenger – Big-Hearted Chaski. The colorful, bold illustrations in this engaging tale combine traditional Peruvian folk art techniques and digital media. A glossary of Quechua words, interesting information about the culture, history, and animals of the Inka, and a map of the Inka Empire at around 1525 CE further distinguish the storytelling. mjw

Title: Run, Little Chaski! An Inka Adventure
Author: Mariana Llanos
: Mariana Ruiz Johnson
: Barefoot Books. Concord, MA
: 2021
Original Language
: English. Also a Spanish edition.
: 978-1-64686-164-4
Hardcover pages
: 32
Age range
: 3-7
: Picture Book, Historical Fiction, Information Book
Book setting
: Ancient Inka (Inca) Empire, Peru
Author’s ethnicity
: Peruvian
Author’s residence
: Oklahoma
Illustrator’s ethnicity
: Peruvian
Illustrator’s residence
: Buenos Aires Argentina
: Action, Ancient civilizations, Cultures, Incan Empire, Kindness, Multicultural, Peru, Peruvian tales, South America

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