Adam And His Tuba

Adam and his tuba

Everyone in the Von Trapeze family likes to perform in the circus, except for Adam, the youngest member of the family. Grandma Antonia breathes fire. Uncle Artem and his clan perform an unforgettable human pyramid. Papa Alexei and Mama Anastasia bravely walk the tightrope. And daughter Aria rides a unicycle and juggles six clubs all at once. But Adam doesn’t like circus tricks or the loud applause. The family is so worried about their youngest son. They try different approaches to change him. One day, something unusual happens – they are enchanted by Adam playing the tuba. From now on, the circus has a new performer and Adam becomes a star. Warm sepia-colored paintings light up the Von Trapeze’s circus world in this lighthearted story about finding one’s own path. mjw

Title: Adam And His Tuba
Author: Ziga X. Gombac
: Maya Kastelic
: NorthSouth Books, Inc., New York
: 2023
Original Language
: German
: Olivia Hellewell
Original Title
: Adam und seine Tuba
Original Publisher
: NordSud Verlag AG. Zurich, Switzerland
Original Copyright
: 20223
: 978-0-7358-4497-1
Hardcover pages
: 40
Age range
: 4-8
: Picture Book
Author’s ethnicity
: Slovenian
Author’s residence
: Ljubljana, Slovenia
Illustrator’s ethnicity
: Slovenia
Illustrator’s residence
: Slovenia
: Illustrator has won the White Ravens Award
: Circus, Grandparents, Growing up, Music, Performing arts, Tubas

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