Lena, The Sea, And Me

Lena, The Sea, and Me

In this sequel to the OmniLibros post Waffle Hearts (Adventures With Waffles in the U.S.), Trille and Lena are growing up in Mathildewick Cove in Norway, where they have another year of adventures. They hoist Trille’s little sister up a flagpole, sail into a fjord on a flimsy raft, and go caroling during a hurricane. Trille becomes interested in a new girl in town and Lena plays soccer and takes music lessons. There is a smattering of Norwegian culture, which is interesting and lovely. mjw

Title: Lena, The Sea, And Me
Author: Maria Parr
: Lara Paulussen
: Candlewick Press. Somerville, Massachusetts
: 2020
Original Language
: Norwegian
: Guy Puzey
Original Title
: Keeperen og havet
Original Publisher
: Det Norske Samlaget. Oslo, Norway
Original Copyright
: 2017
: 978-1-5562-0772-9
Hardcover pages
: 304
Age range
: 7-10
: Fiction, Novel
Book setting
: Norway
Author’s ethnicity
: Norwegian
Author’s residence
: Norway
: Best friends, Family life, Grandparents

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