Hello Earth! Poems To Our Planet

Hello Earth Poems. . .

This beautiful, over-sized poetry book is a love letter to the Earth. There are poems about volcanoes, earthquakes, continental drift, the moon, jungles, mountains, deserts, ocean currents, rainbows, and more. The stunning paintings were created with watercolor and acrylic. They are packed with incredible detail. Included are six pages of additional information about all the topics covered in the poems, resources about climate change, ways kids can help, science projects, and a list of books for further reading. mjw

Title: Hello Earth! Poems To Our Planet
Author: Joyce Sidman
: Miren Asiain Lora
: Eerdmans Books for Young Readers
: 2021
Original Language
: Spanish
Original Title
: Versos de la Tierra
Original Publisher
: Ediciones SM, Madrid
Original Copyright
: 2016
: 978-0802855282
Hardcover pages
: 68
Age range
: 5-9
: Picture Book, Poetry
Author’s ethnicity
: U.S.
Author’s residence
: Minnesota, U.S.A.
Illustrator’s ethnicity
: Spanish
Illustrator’s residence
: Spain
: Author has won the American Library Association Newbery Medal
: Earth, Earth Science, Ecology, Ecosystems, Human impact, Jungles, Oceans, Plate tectonics, Water cycles

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