Atlas Of Dogs

Atlas of DogsThis amazing collection of over 200 breeds of dogs is loaded with fun facts and playful illustrations. The dog breeds are grouped by category: sighthounds, scent hounds, pointers & setters, terriers, sheepdogs & cattle dogs, retrievers & water dogs, spitz & primitive breeds, dachshunds, pinschers, schnauzers, molosser breeds & Swiss mountain dogs, and companion dogs. Included are Dog Record Holders, How to Take Care of Dogs, and A Dictionary of Dog Speech. Also provided are historical stories from the Dogs’ Post Daily Newspaper. Some of these are about the hound Donnchadh who saved the King of Scotland in 1613, the dog movie hit 101 Dalmations, Nipper the RCA dog, Greyfriar’s Bobby of Edinburgh, Toto of OZ, Rin Tin Tin, Queen Elizabeth’s Royal Corgies, Husky Balto, and even composer Richard Wagner’s King Charles Spaniel named Peps. This book is so fun and engaging. mjw
Title: Atlas Of Dogs
Author: Ester Dobiasova, Stepanka Sekaninova, Jana Sedlackova
: Marcel Kralik
: Albatross Media Group. Prague, Czech Republic
: 2021
Original Language
: English
: 978-80-00-05935-8
Hardcover pages
: 104
Age range
: 6-10
: PIcture Book, Nonfiction, Information Book
Author’s ethnicity
: Czech
Author’s residence
: Czech Republic
Illustrator’s ethnicity
: Czech
Illustrator’s residence
: Czech Republic
: Dogs, Dog breeds, Encyclopedia

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