Festivals And Traditions In Switzerland

This fascinating book takes you on a journey through a year in Switzerland. Starting with the New Year’s Mummers Procession in Appenzel Ausserrhoden with the Uglies, Pretties, and Pretty-Uglies costumes, which are made only of material from nature and ending with Christmas traditions like Yule log cakes,  bell-ringing, giant top hats, frankincense, and Christmas decorations. This amazing book thoroughly describes the many celebrations that occur throughout the year. On the journey, you’ll encounter brass bands, terrifying masks, shepherds, men dressed as trees, fast pigs, bareback riders, and much, much more. The illustrations are colorful, detailed, and entertaining. An Afterword explains even more. A section of Information and Tips provides dates and even times for travelers going to Switzerland. Also included is a list of customs and celebrations according to cantons, or states. mjw
Title: Festivals And Traditions In Switzerland
Author: Barbara Piatti
: Yvonne Rogenmoser
: NorthSouth
: 2020
Original Language
: German
: Mary Carozza
Original Title
: Feste & Brauche in der Schweiz
Original Publisher
: Nordsud Verlag
Original Copyright
: 2019
: 978-0-7358-4416-2
Hardcover pages
: 96
Age range
: 4-12
: Information book, Nonfiction, Picture book
Book setting
: Switzerland
Author’s residence
: Basel, Switzerland
Illustrator’s residence
: Zurich, Switzerland
: Celebrations, Holidays, Switzerland

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