Twelve-year-old Nathaniel is a slave on a Jamaican plantation. His mother and sister have been sold, so he is alone. Old Thomas tells him that once a slave sets foot on English soil, he is free. Nathaniel thinks he can earn his fortune and buy his family’s freedom. He is put on a ship sailing to England with his master, but once he gets there he discovers that slavery exists in England, too. Being a slave in London isn’t much better than being a slave in Jamaica. He jumps at his first chance to escape. Real historical characters are integrated into this action-packed story. A historical note on the slave trade, information about the characters, a timeline, and a glossary are included. mjw
Title: Freedom
Author: Catherine Johnson
: Scholastic Children’s Books. London
: 2018
Original Language
: English
: 978-1407-18548-4
Paperback pages
: 150
Age range
: 10 up
: Historical fiction
Book setting
: Jamaica, England
Author’s ethnicity
: Born in London, Father is Jamaican, Mother is Welsh
Author’s residence
: London
: 2020 IBBY Honor List
: Action, Freedom, Plantations, Slavery, Slave ships

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