Forward Me Back To You

Katina King is a biracial teen with a White single mom. She attends an elite private high school in northern California and is a jiu-jitsu champion. After a sexual assault at her school that she is traumatized by, her mom sends her to Boston to heal with her Grandma Vee. Robin Thorton is eighteen. He was adopted by a wealthy White family in Boston, from an orphanage in India. Kat and Robin meet at the church both Robin and Grandma Vee attend. Both teens are dealing with heavy inner turmoil. They sign up for a summer service trip to Kolkata to work with survivors of human trafficking. A dual narrative depicts Kat’s and Robin’s individual points of view in this timely, unique novel with diverse characters about cross-cultural service. mjw
Title: Forward Me Back To You
Author: Mitali Perkins
: Farra Straus Giroux Books for Young Readers. New York
: 2019
Original Language
: English
: 978-0-374304928
Hardcover pages
: 432
Age range
: 14 up
: Fiction
Book setting
: Kolkata, India and Boston, MA
Author’s ethnicity
: Born in Kolkata, India
Author’s residence
: California
: 2020 South Asian Book Award Grade 9 up
: Activism, Adoption, Christian fiction, Global awareness, Jiu-jitsu, Human trafficking, Physical and emotional abuse, Religion, Service, Sexual assault, Social justice, Violence, Volunteerism

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