Three bullies – Anton, Ruben, and the minister’s son – destroy the fort that young Rusty and his friend Jack have constructed from scrap.  Dressed in a brown cape and mask, Rusty, as super hero “Brown”, sneaks out at night to paint Ruben’s bicycle brown. Jack becomes “Black” who paints Anton’s bike black. Another friend Lou, as “Blue” joins them, only to discover that most of their stash of blue paint has disappeared. They still manage to paint all three bikes blue. Rusty feels guilty, but does not get into trouble because the three bullies have written rude words in blue on the church’s spire. This is the first book to be translated from the award-winning trilogy My Alter Ego Is A Superhero series from Norway.  It has been translated into more than thirty languages. Fine-lined ink drawings with washes of color add humor to this fun story. mjw
Title: Brown
Author: Hakon Ovreas
: Oyvind Torseter
: Enchanted Lion Books, New York
: 2019
Original Language
: Norwegian
: Kari Dickson
Original Title
: Brune
Original Publisher
: Gyldendal Norsk Forlag AS
Original Copyright
: 2013
: 978-1-59270-212-1
Hardcover pages
: 136
Age range
: 6-10
: Fiction
Author’s ethnicity
: Norwegian
Author’s residence
: Norway
Illustrator’s ethnicity
: Norwegian
Illustrator’s residence
: Norway
: 2020 ALA Mildred Batchelder Award, Norwegian Ministry of Culture’s Literature Prize
: Grandfathers, Superheroes

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