I Dream Of A Journey

The hotel keeper tells about the people (animal characters) from all over the world who come to stay in his small, but cozy hotel. They tell stories of places he has never seen.  He goes to bed at night and dreams of far, far away places.  He sets off on his dream journey with a big suitcase, boards a plane, and roams freely wherever he wants. Morning comes and he is still in his little hotel waiting for new guests to arrive.  One day, he just might set off on a journey of his own.  The artwork is rendered in muted color pastels and soft focus. This is a beautiful, quiet book about being curious about the world. mjw
Title: I Dream Of A Journey
Author: Akiko Miyakoshi
: Akiko Miyakoshi
: Kids Can Press
: 2020
Original Language
: Japanese
: Cathy Hirano
Original Title
: Boku no Tabi
Original Publisher
: Bronze Publishing, Inc. Tokyo
Original Copyright
: 2018
: 978-1-525304-78-1
Hardcover pages
: 32
Age range
: 4-8
: Picture Book
Author’s ethnicity
: Japanese
Author’s residence
: Tokyo
Illustrator’s ethnicity
: Japanese
Illustrator’s residence
: Tokyo
: Animal characters, Dreams, Hotels, Journeys, New experiences, Postcards, Wanderlust

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