Girl Under A Red Moon: Growing Up During China’s Cultural Revolution

This powerful book is the story of Sisi and her younger brother Da whose lives are turned upside down under the rules and regulations of the Chinese Communist takeover.  Sisi had been a model student and was expected to be appointed to the Red Guard, but she was overlooked because her grandfather had been a landowner.  She and Da run away to another school where they have to work.  They find a place in their new school until their principal is also subjected to the cultural retraining.  This beautifully written story covers the struggles and social injustices during a difficult time in Chinese history. mjw
Title: Girl Under A Red Moon: Growing Up During China’s Cultural Revolution
Author: Da Chen
: Scholastic Focus, and imprint of Scholastic, Inc.
: 2019
Original Language
: English
: 978-1-3382-6386-2
Hardcover pages
: 208
Age range
: 12 up
: Historical Fiction (Autobiographical)
Book setting
: China
Author’s ethnicity
: Chinese
Author’s residence
: California, U.S.
: Brithers and sisters, Communism, Cultural Revolution, Families, Political persecution, Siblings

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