The Elephant

The illustrations of the elephants in this book are done in watercolor, acrylic, pencil, and crayon. They are accurate, strikingly detailed, and beautifully rendered.  They make the book!   Here, we join a young boy as he learns interesting facts about Asian and African elephants.  Elephants are intelligent and have amazing memories and excellent hearing.  They walk on their tip-toes and are either right-tusked or left-tusked.  Tusks can be as long as two seven-year-old children from toe to toe.  An introductory note describes modern threats to elephants and a map shows where these fascinating animals live today. mjw
Title: The Elephant
Author: Jenni Desmond
: Jenni Desmond
: Enchanted Lion Books.  New York
: 2018
Original Language
: English
: 978-1-59270-264-0
Hardcover pages
: 48
Age range
: 4-8
: Nonfiction, Information book
Author’s ethnicity
: British
Author’s residence
: London
Illustrator’s ethnicity
: British
Illustrator’s residence
: London
: Africa, African elephants, Asiatic elephants, India, Zoology

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