The Hawk And The Dove

The feisty hawk is feeling sad, so he puts on a mask and gloves and turns into a gentle dove.  The world is at peace.  No more cannon-fire blasts.  Planes that dropped bombs turn into butterflies.  Warships are replaced with sailboats.  Soldiers’ guns sprout flowers.  The world is calm and joyful, but will it last?  Paper cuts inspired by Henri Matisse allow readers to see the miracle that happens every time a page is turned.  A note at the end of the book describes the book’s inspiration and the author’s ever-present hope for peace. mjw
Title: The Hawk And The Dove
Author: Paul Kornowski (1926-2001)
: Paul Kornowski (1926-2001)
: Kids Can Press. Toronto, Canada
: 2019
Original Language
: Hebrew
: Annette Appel
Original Title
: Hawk and Dove
Original Publisher
: Zmora-Bitan, Dvir-Publishing House, Ltd.
Original Copyright
: 2017
: 978-1-5253-0125-4
Hardcover pages
: 32
Age range
: 5-8
: Picture Book
Author’s ethnicity
: Israeli
Illustrator’s ethnicity
: Israeli
: Birds, Military fiction, Peace, War

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