The Moose Of Ewenki

The Ewenki people live in the forest of Greater Khingan, in northern China, and they live on hunting and raising reindeer. The old hunter Gree Shek hunts a mother moose by mistake. She leaves a young moose.  He feels terrible because Ewenki hunters would never hunt a female moose that was raising a baby.  The motherless baby follows Gree Shek back to the campsite where Gree Shek feeds the hungry moose.  He names it Little Moose. The moose and the man form a bond and go on adventures together.  As Little Moose grows older and bigger, Gree Shek knows he must return the moose to the forest.  Beautifully detailed paintings complement this touching story, which highlights the traditional and vanishing way of life of the Ewenki people. mjw
Title: The Moose Of Ewenki
Author: Gerelchimeg Blackcrane
: Jui Er
: Greystone Kids Books
: 2019
Original Language
: English
: 978-1-77164-538-6
Hardcover pages
: 68
Age range
: 5-9
: Picture Book
Book setting
: Inner Mongolia
Author’s ethnicity
: Chinese
Author’s residence
: Hulunbuir Grassland in Mongolia
Illustrator’s ethnicity
: Chinese
Illustrator’s residence
: Beijing, China
Awards:  2020 USBBY Outstanding International Books List
: Asia, Caribou, Deer, Global studies, Moose, People and places, Reindeer

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