Pryanka is a teenage girl whose mother emigrated from India years ago, leaving Pri’s father behind. After finding a magical pashmina, Pri travels to India to learn more about her family and her culture.  She is greeted by an elephant and a peacock, that show her around the country.  This story of self-discovery is heartwarming, inspiring, funny, and thought-provoking. Most of the artwork is black and white with thick lines, but whenever someone wears the pashmina, the pages become full-colored. mjw
Title: Pashmina
Author: Nidhi Chanani
: Nidhi Chanani
: First Second, an imprint of Roaring Book Press
: 2017
Original Language
: English
: 978-1-62672-087-9
Paperback pages
: 176
Age range
: 10-14
: Fiction, Graphic novel, Fantasy
Book setting
: U.S.
Author’s ethnicity
: born in Kolkata, India
Author’s residence
: San Francisco, U.S.
Illustrator’s ethnicity
: born in Kolkata, India
Illustrator’s residence
: San Francisco, U.S.
: 2018 South Asia Book Award
: Asia, Cashmere shawls, Comics, Culture, East Indian Americans, Heritage, Magic realism, Mothers and daughters, Self-discovery, Teenage girls

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