The Little Prince 75th Anniversary Edition

This is the 75thanniversary edition of the classic story about an aviator whose plane is forced down in the Sahara Desert where he encounters a little prince from a small planet who relates his adventures in seeking the secret of what is important in life.  This edition offers the full text of the beloved story – including a biography of the author, sketches, photos, and reviews from the first edition.  It also features a free audio download read by acclaimed author Viggo Mortensen.  The Little Prince is the most widely translated literary work of the twentieth century. mjw
Title: The Little Prince 75th Anniversary Edition
Author: Antoine de Saint-Exupery (1900-1944)
: Antoine de Saint-Exupery
: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. New York
: 2018
Original Language
: French
: Vali Tamm
Original Title
: Le Petit Prince
Original Publisher
: Editions Gallimard. Paris
Original Copyright
: 1943,1946
: 978-1-328-47975-4
Hardcover pages
: 224
Age range
: 10-12
: Fantasy, Fiction
Book setting
: Sahara Desert
Author’s ethnicity
: French
Illustrator’s ethnicity
: French
: Airplanes, Fables, Fairytales, Pilots, Planets, Princes, Roses

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