The Bridge Home

Eleven-year-old Viji and her younger sister Rukku who has intellectual and developmental disabilities have run away into the harsh streets of Chennai to get away from their abusive father.  The girls find shelter and friends on an abandoned bridge.  Two homeless boys, Muthi and Arul, and the girls survive by scavenging the city’s garbage heaps and by selling the bead necklaces that Rukku makes.  The four bond into a family of sorts.  They are often hungry and scared, but they have each other and their dog Kutti. When the rainy season comes, Rukku and Muthi get sick and Viji and Arul have to make decisions about who they can trust to help them.  The courage and strength of the children is an inspiration. mjw
Title: The Bridge Home
Author: Padma Venkatraman
: Nancy Paulsen Books
: 2019
Original Language
: English
: 978-1-5247-3811-2
Hardcover pages
: 208
Age range
: 10-12
: Fiction
Book setting
: Chennai, India
Author’s ethnicity
: Born in Chennai, India
Author’s residence
: U.S.
Awards: 2020 South Asia Book Award
: Asia, Domestic violence, Homelessness, Lower caste children, Runaways, Sisters

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