Paulina lives with her dad and her three rough and clumsy, older brothers. She plays the piano and they call her Feather, but she is tough and tenacious. She takes up boxing so that she can stand up to her brothers. When she proves her point, she goes back to her beloved piano. Gorgeous poster-like illustrations show Feather’s home life and training. mjw
Title: Feather
Author: Remi Courgeon
: Remi Courgeon
: Enchanted Lion Books, New York
: 20117
Original Language
: French
: Claudia Zoe Bedrick
Original Title
: Brindille
Original Publisher
: Editions Milan
Original Copyright
: 2017
: 978-1-59270-210-7
Hardcover pages
: 36
Age range
: 6-9
: Picture Book
Author’s ethnicity
: French
Author’s residence
: France
Illustrator’s ethnicity
: French
Illustrator’s residence
: France
: A New York Times Best Illustrated Children’s Book of 2017
: Boxing, Housework, Music, Piano, Self-esteem, Siblings, Sports

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