Where The World Ends

In the summer of 1727, eight boys and three men are marooned on a remote rocky stac at the edge of the Outer Hebrides in Scotland.  They were sent there to harvest birds for food, feathers, and oil.  No one returns to collect them. They survive for nine months through deadly storms, madness, and starvation.  Based on a true story, this is an unsettling and awe-inspiring novel.  The world-building is brilliant.  A map of St. Kilda, an afterword, black-and-white sketches of birds, and a glossary are included.  mjw
Title: Where The World Ends
Author: Geraldine McCaughrean
: Usborne Publishing Ltd. London
: 2017
Original Language
: English
: 978-1-4749-2114-5
Hardcover pages
: 336
Age range
: 11 up
: Historical Fiction, based on a true story
Book setting
: Hirta, St. Kilda, Scotland
Author’s ethnicity
: English
Author’s residence
: Berkshire, England 
: 2018 CILIP Carnegie Medal, 2020 ALA Printz Honor
: Birds, Cultures, Geography, Natural world, Survival, Western Islands (Scotland)

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