Boat Of Dreams


This enigmatic 80-page wordless story bridges picture book and graphic novel territory as it tells of the encounter between an old man in a rundown seaside cottage and a child in a far off city. The man discovers a note in a bottle, which inspires him to draw a fantastic flying machine. He sends his drawing back to the sea. In the city, the boy finds the drawing in an envelope outside his home. He draws himself and his cat into the picture and then dreams he is sailing on the ship to meet the man. They embrace, the boy hands the man the envelope, and he flies off. Sharp-angled Expressionist drawings in sepia and blue invite multiple interpretations of the imaginative tale.mjw
Title: Boat Of Dreams
Author: Rogerio Coelho
: Rogeriio Coelho
: Tilbury House Publishers
: 2017 
Original Publisher
: Editora Positivo Ltda, Brazil
Original Copyright
: 2015
: 978-9-88448-528-5
Hardcover pages
: 80
Age range
: 7-10
: Picture Book, Graphic Novel
Author’s ethnicity
: Brazilian
Author’s residence
: Brazil
Illustrator’s ethnicity
: Brazilian
Illustrator’s residence
: Brazil
: 2017 New York Public Library Best Books for Kids List.  Brazil’s 22015 Jabuti Award for Best Children’s Illustrations
: Birds, Boats and boating, Boys, Dreams, Imagination, Magical realism, Ocean bottles, Older men, Steampunk, Stories without words, Voyages

1 thought on “Boat Of Dreams

  1. kacklam

    MJW, I think this is right up my alley (Boat of Dreams). I am still doing art and teaching at Gateway part-time (adjunct). Trying to put together enough work to be in Starving Artists Fair in Racine August 5, 2018. Hope you are well, Kert


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