Imagine A City

imagine-a-cityImagine a world where rabbits and lions read books, trees grow out of pictures, and flying fish are buses. Bears ride bicycles, gargoyles sip tea, and pterodactyls soar through the sky. Two children and their mother go on a wonderful adventure to a city where anything is possible in this creative book. The simple rhyming text is accompanied by surreal black and white drawings filled to the brim with unusual fanciful details. mjw
Title: Imagine A City
Author: Elise Hurst
: Elise Hurst
: Doubleday Books for Young Readers
: 2016
Original Language
: English
Original Publisher
: Omnibus Books, an imprint of Scholastic Australia
Original Copyright
: 2014
: 978-1-101-93457-9
Hardcover pages
: 32
Age range
: 3-7
: Picture Book, Fantasy
Author’s ethnicity
: Australian
Author’s residence
: Australia
Illustrator’s ethnicity
: Australian
Illustrator’s residence
: Australia
: City life, Dreams, Fantasy, Imagination

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