Indian Tales: A Barefoot Collection


Eight traditional tales from all over the Indian Subcontinent are included in this colorful anthology. Each story is taken from a different region in India, from Punjab in the north to Tamil Nadu in the south. A “Welcome to India!” introduces the country and provides a map. Each tale is accompanied by two pages of information about the state – geography, history, food, dance, culture, traditions, and more. Bright, colorful folk style illustrations in gouache present story elements and frame the narratives. mjw
Title: Indian Tales: A Barefoot Collection
Author: Shenaaz Nanji
: Christopher Corr
: Barefoot Books, Cambridge, MA
: 2017
Original Language
: English 
Original Publisher
: Barefoot Books
Original Copyright
: 2007
: 978-1-78285-357-2
Paperback pages
: 96
Age range
: 7-10
: Folktales, Fairytales
Book setting
: India
Author’s ethnicity
: Indian
Author’s residence
: Calgary, Canada
Illustrator’s ethnicity
: English
Illustrator’s residence
: London
: Anthologies, Gods and goddesses, Myths

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