The Red Apple

The red appleOn a cold winter’s day, Mouse, Rabbit, Fox, and Bear all want to eat a lone red apple hanging from a tree. Working together, they are able to reach the fine ripe apple, but then Fox sneezes and they all tumble into the snow only to discover that the fruit has fallen to the ground. So, they carefully split the big juicy apple into four pieces and eat it for dinner. This tale about problem-solving and cooperation, with its gorgeous, realistic watercolor paintings, will remind readers of Eric Rohmann’s Caldecott Medal-winning My Friend Rabbit (2000).  mjw
Title: The Red Apple
Author: Feridun Oral
: Feridun Oral
: Michael Neugebauer Publishing Ltd., Minedition
: 2015
Original Language
: Turkish
Original Title
: Kirmizi Elma
Original Publisher
: Yapi Kredl
Original Copyright
: 2008
: 978-988-8240-005
Hardcover pages
: 36
Age range
: 3-5
: Picture Book
Author’s ethnicity
: Turkish
Author’s residence
: Turkey
Illustrator’s ethnicity
: Turkish
Illustrator’s residence
: Turkey
: 2008 Best Picture Book of the Year (IBBY Turkey)
: Bears, Cooperation, Foxes, Friendships, Mice, Rabbits, Wolves

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