How The Squirrel Got His Stripes

Long ago, King Rama was expelled from his father’s kingdom and sent to the forest with his faithful wife, princess Sita, and his loyal brother, Laxmanan. They lived there happily until King Ravana of Lanka tricked Sita. Rama then waged war on Ravana and set off to battle. They traveled until they came to a vast sea. Men and animals worked to complete a bridge. They clever black squirrels helped by covering themselves and their bushy tails with sand and dirt that they shook over the cracks in the bridge to fill the cracks. When the bridge was complete, Rama thanked the squirrels. As he stroked their dusty backs, their black fur beneath the dust was revealed and that is how the squirrels got their stripes. This tale is referred to in the Ramayana of India. The story emphasizes the dignity of labor and that even the smallest contribution is important in some way. The small-format book is enhanced by colorful folk-art illustrations inspired by miniature paintings of medieval Europe. mjw
Title: How The Squirrel Got His Stripes
Author: Sam Perera
: Alex Stewart
: Popsicle Books, an imprint of Perera Hussein Publishing House, Sri Lanka
: 2015
Original Language
: English
: 978-955-0041-08-4
Paperback pages
: 28
Age range
: 4-8
: Picture Book, Folktale
Book setting
: Sri Lanka and India
Illustrator’s residence
:  U.K. and Sri Lanka
: Bridges, Folktales, Ramayana, Squirrels, Monkeys

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