The Little Black Fish

The Little Black FishAn old fish tells the story of Little Black Fish to her 12,000 children and grandchildren. Little Black Fish leaves the safety of his small stream to venture out and see the world. He meets many different creatures along the way, including the dreaded pelican and the helpful lizard. Little Black Fish has big questions and is determined to find answers. He makes it to the edge of the sea and finds his answers, though he does not survive. He learns about life, dangers, enemies, and friends. This famous Iranian children’s story is considered to be a political allegory and was banned in pre-revolutionary (1978) Iran. mjw
Title: The Little Black Fish
Author: Samad Behrangi (1939-1967)
: Farshid Mesghali
: Tiny Owl Publishing Ltd.  London, England
: 2015
Original Language
: Persian
: Azita Rassi
Original Publisher
: Kanoun Par Varesh Fekri.  Tehran, Iran
Original Copyright
: 1968
: 978-1-910328-00-2
Hardcover pages
: 48
Age range
: 9 up
: Fiction, Allegory
Author’s ethnicity
: Iranian
Author’s residence
: Author lived in Iran
Illustrator’s ethnicity
: Iranian
Illustrator’s residence
: U.S.
: Illustrator has won 1974 Hans Christian Andersen Award for illustration
: Coming of age, Fishes, Freedom, Independence

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