Wild Animals Of The North

Wild Animals of the northThis stunning and fun information book looks at animals of North America, Europe, and Asia, from Kodiak bears and Texas rattlesnakes to European badgers and Japanese Macaques. Most of the wildlife images are accompanied by compelling and often humorous descriptive paragraphs. The highly stylized, geometric illustrations really make the book. A note touches on pollution, climate change, and global warming and the fact that a third of the animals in the book are endangered. Also included is an index of the 80 animals. Also available is Wild Animals of the South. mjw
Title: Wild Animals Of The North
Author: Dieter Braun
: Dieter Braun
: Flying Eye Books, an imprint of Nobrow Ltd.  London
: 2016
Original Language
: German
: Jen Calleja
Original Title
: Die Welt der wilden Tiere: Im Norden
Original Publisher
: von dem Knesebeck GmbH and Co.  Verlag KG, Munchen
Original Copyright
: 2015
: 978-1-909263-96-3
Hardcover pages
: 144
Age range
: 5-8
: Picture book. Information book, Nonfiction
Book setting
: North America, Europe, Asia
Author’s ethnicity
: German
Author’s residence
: Hamburg, Germany
Illustrator’s ethnicity
: German
Illustrator’s residence
: Hamburg, Germany
: Endangered animals, Northern hemisphere, Wild animals, Wilderness

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