Dragonfly Kites/Pimithaagansa

Dragonfly KitesTwo young Cree brothers, Joe and Cody, are spending the summer with their made-up toys, like stick friends and stone children. They find a wild baby Arctic tern, squirrels, rabbits, and chipmunks, and they make up names for everything, even the ants. Their favorite activity is flying dragonfly kites. They make them by catching dragonflies and tying thread around the middle of each dragonfly before letting it go. They then chase their dragonfly kites. At night, when they go to bed, they dream of the dragonflies. The creative, clear, and delicate collage illustrations are influenced by Cree artists. The book is written in English and Cree and is the second book in the Magical Songs of the North Wind trilogy. mjw
Title: Dragonfly Kites/Pimithaagansa
Author: Tomson Highway
: Julie Flett
: Fifth House Publishers, Canada
: 2016
Original Language
: English/Cree
: Tomson Highway
Original publisher:  Harper Collins
Original Copyright
: 2002
: 978-1-897252-63-5
Hardcover pages
: 32
Age range
: 6-8
: Picture Book
Book setting
: Manitoba
Author’s ethnicity
: Born in Manitoba, Canadian, Aboriginal
Author’s residence
: Ontario
Illustrator’s ethnicity
: Cree-Metis ancestry
Illustrator’s residence
: Vancouver, BC
: Illustrator has won the first PMC Aboriginal Literature Award in 2014
: Bilingual books, Canada, Cree children, Dragonflies, Dreams, Kites, Siblings, Sleep

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