The Piper

The PiperHe who pays the piper calls the tune. Thirteen-year-old Peter and his seven-year-old sister Daisy are evacuated from London to the Romney Marsh countryside in 1939. They move into a strange farmhouse, Sheldon Grange, in the middle of a desolate landscape, where Daisy is to be the companion for Sally, a sickly child who is bedridden. Mysterious things start to happen – eerie piped music and young girls dancing outside in the night. Sinister Mrs. Beesley, the housekeeper, and Adam, the farmhand, deny that the music exists. Daisy is captivated, but Peter is determined to discover the truth about Sheldon Grange. This spooky fantasy is an interesting and suspenseful, easy read with a twist at the end. An afterword describes the historical truths behind the fiction. mjw
Title: The Piper
Author: Danny Weston
: Andersen Press Ltd, London
: 2014
Original Language
: English
: 978-1-78344-051-1
Paperback pages
: 272
Age range
: 12-16
: Fiction, Fantasy
Book setting
: England
Author’s ethnicity
: Scottish
Author’s residence
: Edinburgh, Scotland
: 2016 Scottish Children’s Book Award – Older Readers
: England, Evacuation of civilians, Ghosts, Grandfathers, Horror, Music, World War II

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