What Dog Knows

What dog knowsThis interesting mix of fiction and nonfiction introduces cousins Wolf and Dog and topics such as Mummies and skeletons; Robots; Knights and pirates; Dinosaurs and dragons; and Rockets and the moon. Dog reads books and is curious and knowledgeable. Wolf is wild and is not so smart. He relies on Dog to tell him things. The funny conversations between Wolf and Dog are interspersed with fact-filled information sections, quizzes, rhymes, and craft activities to try. Quirky full-page, full-color illustrations and speech bubbles complement the text in this chapter book for inquisitive independent readers. mjw
Title: What Dog Knows
Author: Sylvia Vanden Heede
: Marije Tolman
: Gecko Press.  Wellington, New Zealand
: 2016
Original Language
: Dutch
: Bill Nagelkerke
Original Title
: Hond weet alles en wolf niets
Original Publisher
: Uitgeverij Lannoo nv.
Original Copyright
: 2014
: 978-1-776570-37-9
Paperback pages
: 124
Age range
: 6-9
: Picture Book, Fiction/nonfiction mix, Information Book
Author’s ethnicity
: Flemish
Author’s residence
: Belgium
Illustrator’s ethnicity
: Born in the Netherlands
Illustrator’s residence
: The Netherlands
: 2015 Dutch Flag & Pennant Award
: Dinosaurs, Dogs, Dragons, Knights, Moon, Mummies, Pirates, Robots, Rockets, Skeletons, Wolves

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