Flicka, Ricka, Dicka And The Strawberries

Flicka, Ricka, and DickaSwedish triplets, Flicka, Ricka, and Dicka, go off on an adventure through the woods to pick wild strawberries for their mother. They get lost and find the cottage of a poor family, and the little girl living there helps the triplets find their way home. Later, the sisters find a special way to spend the money they have earned. They buy gifts and a basket of food to share with the poor family. The watercolor illustrations are realistic in depicting a 1940s Swedish summer. This is one of nine Flicka, Ricka, and Dicka books. The author is also known for her Snipp, Snapp, and Snurr books about Swedish boy triplets. mjw
Title: Flicka, Ricka, Dicka And The Strawberries
Author: Maj Lindman (1886-1972)
: Maj Lindman
: Albert Whitman and Company, Chicago
: 2013
Original Language
: Swedish
Original Copyright
: 1946
: 978-8075-2499-9
Hardcover pages
: 32
Age range
: 4-7
: Picture Book
Book setting
: Sweden
Author’s ethnicity
: Swedish
Author’s residence
: Lived in Stockholm, Sweden
Illustrator’s ethnicity
: Swedish
Illustrator’s residence
: Lived in Stockholm, Sweden
: Charity, Helpfulness, Sisters, Strawberries, Sweden, Triplets

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