Mouse’s First Night At Moonlight School

mouses first nightOwl, Cat, Bat, and Mouse all attend the one-room Moonlight School, but Mouse hides behind a curtain and is too shy to even say hello. Her wee nocturnal classmates are impressed with Mouse’s hiding skills and suggest a game of hide-and-seek. Owl, Cat, and Bat are easy to find, but it takes some time before Mouse is discovered hiding in her teacher’s hat. Mouse is praised for being the best at hiding and she decides that she likes school after all. This sweet story about first-day jitters and making new friends is brightened by colorful digitally created illustrations. mjw
Title: Mouse’s First Night At Moonlight School
Author: Simon Puttock
: Ali Pye
: Nosy Crow, and imprint of Candlewick
: 2015
Original Language
: English
Original Publisher
: Nosy Crow, London
Original Copyright
: 2014
: 978-0-7636-7607
Hardcover pages
: 32
Age range
: 3-7
: Picture Book
Author’s ethnicity
: Scottish
Author’s residence
: Edinburgh, Scotland
Illustrator’s ethnicity
: English
Illustrator’s residence
: London, England
: 2106 Scottish Children’s Book Award
: Bashfulness, Mice, Schools

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