The Bear And The Piano

The Bear And The PianoA curious bear cub finds a peculiar object in the forest. He discovers that he can make strange noises by pressing his paws on it. The bear continues to come back and play around with the object. He eventually is a master at making beautiful sounds. One day, as he plays for his bear friends, a group of humans ask him to come with them to their city to play the piano. The bear agrees and becomes famous. As time goes on, the bear feels homesick. He longs to see his friends again, but he worries they are angry that he left them. The book’s multilayered-mixed media illustrations of woods, bears, and cityscapes are absolutely beautiful. Everyone of all ages will enjoy the message of friendship and pursuing your dreams. ema

Title: The Bear And The Piano
Author: David Litchfield
: David Litchfield
: Clarion Books
: 2015
Original Language
: English
: 978-0-544-67454-7
Hardcover pages

Age range: 4-7
: Picture Book
Authors’ ethnicity: British
Authors’ residence
: United Kingdom
Illustrator’s ethnicity
: Israelis
Illustrator’s residence
: United Kingdom
Subjects: Bears, Famous, Forests, Music, Musician, Piano, Woods
Awards: 2016 Winner of Waterstones Children’s Book Prize:Best Illustrated Book, 2016 Nominated for ‘Read It Again’ Cambridgeshire Libraries Children’s Picture Book Award


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