A Pig Called Heather

a pig called heatherHeather, the Duroc pig, lives on a lovely 300-year-old farm in Scotland, loves and can identify apples of all kinds, and has Isla, the farmer’s daughter, as her best friend. When the barn is destroyed in a fire and Isla and her father move to London, the new owner, Mr. Busby, has a commercial promoting farm life shot at the farm and Heather is “discovered.” She is whisked off to London to become a national celebrity and the star of an advertising campaign. At a photo shoot, Heather escapes and finds Isla. A pig living in a flat in London proves challenging and Heather ends up finding a home in the London Zoo. Heather’s animal friends are brilliant, perfectly personified, and completely believable. However they don’t talk to humans. Heather and Isla communicate by snout scrunching. The writing is imaginative, fast-paced, and contains fun Britishisms. The ending hints at the two sequels, The Return of A Pig Called Heather (paperback 2014) and Heather’s Piglets (2015), where Heather has more zany adventures. mjw
Title: A Pig Called Heather
Author: Harry Oulton
: Holiday House, New York
: 2105
Original Language
: English
: 978-0-8234-3290-5
Hardcover pages
: 128
Age range
: 8-12
: Fiction, Animal Fantasy
Book setting
: Aberdeenshire, Scotland.  London
Author’s ethnicity
: British
Author’s residence
: England
: England, Farm life, Human-animal relationships, Pigs, Voyages and travels

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