The Snowman’s Wish

The Snowman's WishThe other toys made fun of the snowman who has been living in his little snow globe on the bottom shelf of the playroom toy case forever. “It hadn’t snowed in his globe for ages, his music was out of tune, and nobody had played with him for such a long time, he was beginning to gather dust.” The snowman was very sad. Then, one winter’s night, sweet music filled the air. The snowman’s wish to see who was singing was granted by the golden angel on the top of the mantelpiece clock. He was given one hour outside of his snow globe to dance with the beautiful little music box dancer in a pink tutu. She was the one who was singing! In the end, the angel grants the dancer her wish and the two dance together forever inside the snow globe. This sweet, holiday love story is adorned with soft watercolor and ink illustrations of the secret lives of the toys. mjw
Title: The Snowman’s Wish
Author: Harmen van Straaten
: Harmen van Straaten
: NorthSouth Books Inc.  New York
: 2013
Original Language
: Dutch
: Andrew Rushton
Original Title
: Ik wil voor altijd bij je zijn
Original Publisher
: Leopold Publishing in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Original Copyright
: 2012
: 978- 0-7358-4144-4
Hardcover pages
: 32
Age range
: 4-8
: Picture Book, Fairy Tale
Author’s ethnicity
: Dutch
Author’s residence
: Amsterdam
Illustrator’s ethnicity
: Dutch
Illustrator’s residence
: Amsterdam
: Ballerinas, Dancers, Music boxes, Snow globes, Snowmen, Toys, Wishes

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