The Message Of The Birds

The message of the birdsThe wise owl begins telling the Christmas story, with its message of peace, to a gathering of birds. The young robin asks why the birds don’t sing the story anymore and the partridge explains that people don’t listen. When the lark offers that perhaps people don’t understand the language, the inventive robin suggests that children listen with their hearts and they understand. And so, the birds fly far and wide singing the song of peace. The tale is not a traditional Christmas book. It is a universal story of peace that brings people together. The book ends with “Let there be peace. Peace on Earth!” and the word peace in over 60 different languages. The rich, soft, and realistic watercolor illustrations in wintry colors awaken warm emotions in readers and complement the text beautifully. mjw
Title: The Message Of The Birds
Author: Kate Westerlund
: Feridun Oral
: Michael Neugebauer Publishing Ltd.  Minedition
: 2014 North American edition
Original Language
: German, French
Original Title
: Doe Botschaft der Vogel, Le Message des Oiseaux
Original Copyright
: 2011
: 978-988-8240-55-5
Hardcover pages
: 32
Age range
: 3-8
: Picture Book
Author’s ethnicity
: Born in Florida, USA 
Author’s residence
: Salzburg, Austria
Illustrator’s ethnicity
: Turkish
Illustrator’s residence
: Istanbul, Turkey
: Birds, Christmas stories, Peace

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